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Executive Council Meeting Report - August 14, 2019

Sun, Sep 1, 2019 - 03:54 PM

                                                                         Executive Council Meeting Report

                                                                                 Meeting of August 14, 2019

A. The Saga of the Judicial Nominations or Now You See-em, Now You Don’t, Now You Do

In the most unusual set of machinations ever for a judicial nomination, Martin Honigberg was confirmed for a seat on the New Hampshire Superior Court. There is still no word about the Governor’s plans for an associate Supreme Court justice or for the chief justice of the Supreme Court.  The Governor advised his own nominee, Martin Honigberg, that he was completely withdrawing his name from consideration because the Governor was so upset about what he considered mistreatment of Gordon MacDonald.  This was on August 13, the day before our meeting.  The other Democratic Councilors and I learned of this decision on the evening of the 13th and, I for  one, let it be known how I would react to this juvenile move and what I might say about it.

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