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Executive Council Reports - Oct. 17 & 31, 2018

Mon, Nov 5, 2018 - 02:36 PM

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                   Executive Council Meeting Report
Meeting of October 17 and 31, 2018

A. $20 Million Grant for Substance Abuse Treatment moves forward to Hub and Spoke Contracts The Council voted to accept the first half of an approximately $40 million federal grant to pay for substance abuse treatment in our state at its meeting of October 3rd. On October 17th, the Governor provided an overview to the Council of the hub and spoke model of providing medically assisted treatment (MAT) to those suffering from substance abuse disorder. The Council reviewed and approved contracts for the creation of nine hubs at its October 31st meeting. The hub contracts total approximately half of the $20 million grant, including funds for naltrexone (Narcan).

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