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Executive Council Report - Feb. 21, 2018

Mon, Mar 5, 2018 - 01:35 PM

At my insistence, the Attorney General was asked to provide the Council with specific guidance as to which agency or agencies have authority to accept and display a portrait of New Hampshire’s first woman Executive Councilor, Dudley Dudley. The portrait was commissioned with private funds and donated to the state. The Attorney General reported that a three-step process is required. First, the Governor must accept the portrait as a gift to the state. Governor Hassan accepted the portrait in 2016. Next, the Governor and Council must vote to “consent” to the portrait’s display. Again, at my insistence, this vote will occur at our next meeting on March 7, 2018. Finally, once consent is granted, the director of the division of cultural affairs must decide the specific location in the state house to display the portrait.

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